Custom Composition

Using state of the art and equipment and facilities, create tracks at unparalleled quality. From corporate to video games, we have an extensive list of skills and abilities in our team.

Voice Recording

Professional equipment and audio mastering techniques allow for precise and high quality audio capture, from a trailer voice over to a live band. Make your voices heard, with Immense voice recording.

Tuition and Lecturing

With years of experience in teaching both new and experienced students, we offer guest lectures or teaching. We range in teaching composition to equipment setup, so get in touch.

It's not just music

You can tell a story with music, interweaving complex and delicate patterns to show emotions, from love to rage. You can build tension, create excitement, but most importantly - music can inspire and lead.

Make your musical stand

Give your brand a unique selling point when marketing. Don't rely on premade cookie-cutter solutions, from music libraries around the world. Give your products a true musical identity, with Immense Audio.

Make your sound Immense.

Feel free to check out our composition page, where we have a number of options that could suit your product.