Custom Composition

Using state of the art and equipment and facilities, create tracks at unparalleled quality. From corporate to video games, we have an extensive list of skills and abilities in our team.

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Voice Recording

We utilise the highest quality studios and microphone equipment to create the perfect environment for your voice actor or singer

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Tuition & Lecturing

With years of experience in teaching both new and experienced students, we can offer guest lectures or teaching at superior quality

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Welcome to Immense Audio

Whether you're searching for original music for your production, or looking for sound design, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Immense Audio is a freelance post production company that has a passion for bringing your projects to life.

-Tim Claubaugh Jr.


What's next?

Please take a look at the services we can offer you and your company. We've worked with both large and small clients, don't be afraid to reach out!